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Employee Value Proposition

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is a set of associations provided by an organisation in return for the skills, capabilities and experience an employee brings to the organisation.

Our greatest asset is our people. Engrained in our core purpose of inspiring people to RISE, our employee value proposition is captured by the acronym, CAPable People, REAL Experience. It sums up what we want to be known for as an employer and embodies the promise that at Mahindra, you have the opportunity and the right set of tools to be the very best you can be.

Mahindra People

Derived from our core purpose, these elements comprise what we expect from our people and in turn, how we empower them to live the brand every day.

C – Challenge Conventions

We’ve grown by challenging conventions at every turn and we encourage our people to do the same by accepting no limits. Where others see problems, our people see possibilities.

A – Bring Alternative Thinking to the Workplace

Alternative thinking is the new normal at our workplace. As we relentlessly seek to break fresh ground and solve problems, the ingenious use of our resources and our ability to think differently power us on.

P – Drive Positive Change in the Lives of Customers and Communities

We expect everyone at Mahindra to work for the greater good, to advance humankind and make the world a better place. A significant part of our job is to create lasting, positive change in the lives of the customers and communities we serve.

The Mahindra Experience

The elements below describe the culture and operating environment we aim to create for our people. One in which they can thrive and display CAPable People behaviours outlined above.


R – Recognition for Outperformance

We encourage healthy competition and create a high performance culture by recognising breakthroughs, and rewarding those who achieve them.

E – Empowering Environment

We promote a proactive workplace, one where you’re encouraged to make your own decisions and take ownership of their ripples and ramifications. It empowers our people and in doing so, it encourages individual responsibility.

AL – Abundant Learning Opportunities

At Mahindra, we listen and learn every day. Constant learning constitutes a fundamental aspect of the Mahindra Experience, with a conducive environment and abundant learning opportunities at every level.